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This is a beautifully presented and easy to understand book that all aspiring woodworkers should consider getting...

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Clare de Haas Tourism Professional

    With this book I think I could confidently walk into any hardware store and know exactly what tools and materials I would need. Peter Alkema’s book is a joy to page through with large and clear images that make the projects feel like they are really within your reach. .

  • avatar Reuben Hart 702 DIY presenter and hardware store owner

    With well illustrated photographs and clear instructions, the projects all seem doable and fun. From the beginner to the accomplished wood worker, there is something in it for all.

  • Sherley Southworth Scouting enthusiast and teacher

    It is difficult to decide whether this beautiful book should be on the coffee table or in the workshop, perhaps one copy in each place!

Easy To Understand Plans And Videos

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

6 Advantages of reading this book

  1. Be inspired with stunning pictures to create stylish and practical furniture for your home and family.
  2. Understand how the projects are made with high quality illustrations and design information.
  3. Learn about woodworking tools, techniques, joins, finishing, fasteners and much more.
  4. Make the projects by following the step by step instructions and clearly labelled illustrations.
  5. Improve the decor of your home as your family uses the stylish furniture in practical ways.
  6. Benefit from the author's mistakes as he explains what he would do differently next time.

About The Author

Peter Alkema is married, has five children, two dogs and one circular saw. 

He is clueless in the kitchen but a Masters in Mechanical Engineering does mean he can use the toaster.

He works in IT at a bank during the day and makes sawdust in his workshop at night.

The inspiration for woodworking came from his late father and maybe his next book will be a collection of recipes for engineers.

Download Your FREE Window Seat Plan & Chapter From The Book!

Download Your Plan Now

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